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by Kristin Berkery

I wasn’t able to post on ilovehorses.net as often in January because I have some exciting publishing opportunities I’m working on. I’m still active on Twitter and Facebook almost every business day, sharing horse-related news and photos from around the world. Here are a few of my favorite stories from the last few weeks.

Similar to Cirque du Soleil, Cavalia: A Magical Encounter Between Human and Horse is an artistic celebration of horses. It features 45 horses from 10 different breeds as they do amazing feats and interact with the human performers. Currently in Seattle until February 19, the show is moving to St. Louis beginning March 14.

Neville Bardos, ridden by Boyd Martin. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld/USEA

Neville Bardos Cheats Death Twice
The chestnut Thoroughbred gelding Neville Bardos was unsuccessful on the racetrack and headed for the slaughterhouse when he was purchased by his current owners for $850. A few years later Neville was seriously injured in a barn fire, but recovered so quickly that he was competing in eventing within three months. Now he’s a possible candidate for the 2012 U.S. Olympic equestrian team.

Rachel Alexandra and colt. Photo by Stonestreet Farm

Rachel Alexandra Welcomes a Colt
2009 Horse of the Year Rachel Alexandra foaled a colt by Curlin on January 22. A few days later the two were taken to the hospital to treat Rachel Alexandra for pain from the delivery, but mother and son returned home happy and healthy by January 31.

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Northern Dancer

Speed in Modern Thoroughbreds Traced to Nearctic
Genetic research has revealed that a gene variant for speed was propagated in the Thoroughbred breed by Nearctic and his son Northern Dancer. Sadly, that speed also came with weak ankles. Other research shows that Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds have the highest inbreeding coefficient, meaning low genetic diversity.

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HBO's new series, Luck

HBO Airs New Racetrack Drama, Luck
In January HBO began airing a new dramatic series, Luck, centered around the action at Santa Anita Racetrack. Critics say its authentic horse racing lingo and traditions make Luck hard to enjoy for those outside racing.

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Charges Out of the Gate

Path to Glory

Centuries of Polish Arabian Horse History
Last year a new film was released about the history of Polish Arabians, Path to Glory: The Rise and Rise of the Polish Arabian Horse. Beautifully filmed in Poland and featuring rare footage and photos of well-known Polish Arabians, the movie tells the story of how Polish breeders have influenced the Arabian breed around the world. You can buy the two-DVD set at pathtogloryfilm.com.

Read about Poland’s Arabian horses during World War II in A Real-Life War Horse: *Witez II’s Journey Into History

A photo from Heroes With Hooves by Tamara Gooch and Jess Lee

New Book Captures Mustang Spirit
A new book, Heroes With Hooves, features a pictorial of American mustangs in the wild in Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada. You can preview the entire book online for free. See more of the photographers’ work at tamaragoochphoto.com.

Horse and rider sculpture authenticated to be by da Vinci. Photo by Las Vegas Examiner

Da Vinci Sculpture Unveiled
A lost wax copy of a horse-and-rider sculpture by Leonardo da Vinci was authenticated and unveiled in Las Vegas last month. Copies will probably be made and marketed to the public.

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