Happy New Year! Videos of Horses in the Snow


by Kristin Berkery

Icelandic Horse in the snow. Photo by Thduke, digitally altered by Nevit Dilmen

Spending 16 years in the Midwest left me averse to the cold, but I still love watching horses in the snow. Courtesy of YouTube, here are some fun videos that you can enjoy in the warm indoors with a cup of hot cocoa. Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend and I look forward to sharing more with you in 2012.

Equitrekking is an Emmy Award-winning TV show on PBS that features the adventures of Darley Newman as she travels the world enjoying horses. In the clip below, Darley talks about the crew’s experience filming in Quebec in the wintertime.

Arabo Friesians from Charming Creek Farm playing in the snow in Pennsylvania.

Isabelle, a half-Friesian mare owned by Anne Louise MacDonald, enjoys the snow in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Dirk Bockstegers filmed two horses playing in the snow in Austria.

This is like a greeting card image come to life. From Sportsplayer2010 on YouTube.

Mountain Horse apparel created this winter riding video, filmed in northern Sweden.


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Kristin is a digital marketing expert and voiceover talent in Sacramento, California, with a life-long passion for horses. In her spare time she's active with her daughter and son. See Kristin's marketing agency and LinkedIn profile.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Videos of Horses in the Snow

  1. Lisa R says:

    Ah, nice reminder of how fun riding and playing with horses in the snow can be. I also lived in the midwest, although 2 years was long enough for me, I am a southern girl now! I enjoy to watch the snow antics from the comfort of my living room but occasionally miss riding in a fresh fallen snow.

  2. Kristin says:

    I feel the same way — I’d like to ride in the snow again, but not all winter long. 🙂

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