Top Gear TV Show Races Ford Mustangs Vs. Horses


by Kristin Berkery

On Tuesday February 21 at 9 pm EST History Channel will air a new episode of Top Gear USA which will pit Ford Mustangs (a Boss 302 and a Roush) against horses in a Pony Express challenge. I was fortunate enough to attend the audience taping for this show so I know how the race turned out… but I’m not telling! It will be a nail-biter and I bet you won’t be able to resist cheering for the horses.

Look for me in a lavender shirt in the audience scenes. In one, I’m standing next to a Roush Mustang and in another I’m about three people behind co-presenter Tanner Foust.

Watch Top Gear on Tuesday at 9 pm Eastern/8 pm Central on History Channel.

Now they need to add a horse to their promo image.

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Kristin is a digital marketing expert and voiceover talent in Sacramento, California, with a life-long passion for horses. In her spare time she's active with her daughter and son. See Kristin's marketing agency and LinkedIn profile.

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